Funday Wednesday

The last day of SSP has finally arrived. No one wants to think about it, but the end is imminent. While I usually don’t get breakfast from the C4C (out of laziness), today I had some yogurt with fruit chunks and granola. It felt nostalgic but also kind of melancholic to be eating breakfast at C4C for the last time. Next, we walked to the SBO for some exit surveys and cleaning. Like everyone else, I frantically backed up my 10 GB worth of Python programs and images onto Google Drive. We then had to split into groups to clean Arnett and SBO. My group helped Peter clean up the TA office and reinstall the door. However, you could sense everyone’s despair at spending their last moments at SBO. I took some breaks during cleaning to take some videos of our last moments at SBO. For lunch, Michelle and I went to the sushi place by the Walgreens by the university’s economics building. She got some dragonfruit lemonade at Starbucks for some reason. The sushi was very good and the poke bowl was even better. Then walked to the library by the rec center. It was very big and spacious. After that, we went back to the dorms to pack our bags, but I was very good at packing, so I had no issues. Then we took pictures with our formal clothes. We had a lot of fun. Everyone looked super sharp. Then my observation team had dinner with Dr. Domingue for the last time. We talked about physics and superheroes, and it was really cool. After that, we walked back to Arnett, but a dog bit Michelle because I failed to protect her. Then the superlatives happened. They were very cool and personal. The talent show was by far the highest point of the day. A lot of people played and instrument, some danced, but the Matthew gang sang Wunna by Gunna. We had an intermission during the talent show, which we used to celebrate Michelle’s birthday. It was a very good party because I was there. After the show, we said goodbye to Grace and tried out some new clothing. It turns out white Forces are very cool looking on me. We also ate snacks together on the ledge outside while gazing up at the stars. We later took a little trip to the soccer field to take a quick 5 minute nap. At around 3:30 am, I went biking around campus. We went to the engineering building and even saw a shooting star together (thank you God). After biking, we ate some snacks at Arnett and played ping-pong/foosball for the last time. We also went to see the sunrise by the basketball courts. Then we went to C4C for breakfast for the last time. Then I went to write the blog. Why am I still writing?

The End of CUB ‘22


My name is Matthew V., and I love playing tennis. I do physics and programming sometimes. I’m from Portland, Oregon and I want to major in physics and computer science at MIT or Stanford.