Galaxy Girlies – Will S.

Though we are not in the Astrophysics SSP project, we still spend hours a day looking at Galaxies! Kind of. By Galaxy I mean the software database we use to assemble and map genomes, search for sequences, and basically everything bioinformatics. I think several of us were not anticipating how much time we would be spending using these different types of software. Despite the struggles, we still manage to find fun among the tornado of data (see rainbow genome alignment below <3).

About me:

Hi I’m Will from Colorado Springs, Colorado and my high school is called Discovery Canyon Campus (I’ve gone there since kindergarten!) I’m a Speech and Debate girly and I am involved in social issues and politics. I want to study both Humanities and Medicine after high school-we’ll see how that works out! I love hanging out with my SSP girlies and painting nails or dyeing hair together.