Gerade Hitze Von Böblingen


Today was an average SSP day, starting at 12 am in the computer lab, doing PSETs and teaching Dominick Chinese, the usual stuff. We were being productive (I think I wrote a single line of code), and everyone was happy (someone was definitely crying in the corner over there). Right before we go insane, Richard and Laura come along and kick us out (thank you I wouldn’t have slept otherwise).


The strategy is to optimize sleep, because you kind of need it. Normally, I arrive at the dorm at 1:30 and end up falling asleep at 1:45. According to my calculations, 7 hours of sleep is better than 6, therefore waking up at 8:50 is better than waking up at 7:50. Sure it comes with a few compromises such as skipping breakfast and making it to the morning lecture with half a millisecond to spare, but it’s fine I don’t get hungry very easily (I was quite hungry during the lecture). 


Today’s lecture was interesting. Dr. Dubson taught us angular momentum stuff, very cool. The coolest part about it was the demonstration of conservation of angular momentum. *Insert physics explanation here*, so when you hold a spinning wheel while standing on a spinning platform and rotate the spinning wheel while standing on the spinning wheel, you start spinning on the spinning platform while holding the rotated spinning wheel (I have some photos to explain it).


The break during the morning lecture is 15 minutes long. Remember how I said I skipped breakfast? For some reason, I thought it was a good idea to listen to Jay and rush to C4C to have a quick breakfast, and end up back in the classroom in 15 minutes. Considering that I didn’t have any breakfast for the entire previous week, it was pretty nice, except for the arriving late to the lecture part of it.


The lecture finished and I went for lunch. I don’t exactly recall what happened during lunch. Apparently we had some food, we went to an ATM that didn’t work? Oh and according to Ben we were scared by Emily at one point on the way back to SBO.


We still had roughly 30 minutes until the afternoon lecture. Normally I’d spend this time working on PSET problems, sleeping, or other stuff that would be worth my time. HOWEVER, we chose to spin.

and break the ceiling….

Here’s another photo, I don’t know how to explain it.


Today was the first lecture on ORBIT DETERMINATION. You know, compared to the vis-viva equation, this derivation was actually not bad. I mean I’m sure orbit determination wouldn’t get any more difficult from here, so we’re chilling (it gets harder). 


The lecture was over. I think I spent the rest of the time until dinner working in the computer lab with my 2 body system orbit code (I got pressured into making exactly 17 orbits by Uluc, so I could have been done earlier but it is what it is).


Today was the first dinner with my new group for the week with TA Diego and others. This dinner was straight heat! It was fire you know what I’m sayin! It was also when I first discovered Diego’s laws. Newton and Kepler gotta start taking notes.

Diego’s First Law: All pink drinks are good.

Have you ever had a bad pink drink? If you did, you’re wrong.

Diego’s second law: Always gotta hype up to homies.

It’s true, you gotta do it.

Diego’s Third Law: Diego doesn’t take no Ls.

Just don’t. Diego never takes any Ls.

Dinner was really fun, but I’m pretty sure the entire dining hall could hear our conversations. Just imagine if someone heard that Cam’s IP address was Anyway. After we finished the normal food, everyone went for  冰淇淋 (Bing Qi Ling / Ice Cream). They happened to have brownies as well. And so…

Oh and, you might be wondering about the title of this blog. It’s German for “Straight Heat of Boblingen.” I had to honor my good friend Ben in some way.


The rest of the night was just PSETing. Nothing special about it. Just code failing continuously, and repeating what happened the previous night again (every night is basically identical so we can approximate). I also remember writing some notes about what happened that PSET session, so here it is because I don’t remember the context:

  • Kara going insane. Actually this is normal behavior.
  • Kara choked Stephanie?????
  • Stephanie crashed into the table????
  • Laura is kicking us out. Richard help!!

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Hello, my name is Seok Yun. I’m from 22.32° N, 114.17° E. My goal in life is to figure out why Richard’s test cases have a tolerance of 10*-9. Is it to torment us? Or is it for our own good? I’ll assume the former. But seriously, I enjoy hiking, the outdoors, coding, and of course astrophysics. I really enjoy my experience in SSP and in colorado.

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