Greetings from the first in-person, post-COVID, SSP

From my understanding, this is the first year that the IU campus has hosted SSP in person. Despite the uncertainty, the TA’s, Mr. Chen, as well as the numerous professors giving us lectures and running the labs have certainly worked very hard putting everything together. I believe that I am not alone in saying that the IU campus has been very welcoming, be it the goodie bags full of tide pods and candies (all very delicious), the AC on full blast amidst the upcoming triple-digit weather, or the prospect of meeting new people from every corner of the world pranking our TA’s after learning about said tradition from a previous SSP blog post.

At SSP, we push boundaries every day; how much information we can learn in one day; how many stoichiometry questions we can complete before we must return our computers; how long we can last without google maps on the IU campus; how much ice cream we can devour at the all-you-can-eat; how much we can use Pymol before the computer starts glitching out; how long a game of chess can last before the players give up… SSP is truly a hub of innovating, collaborating, and learning for all.

And now, a very nice message to our TA’s: (in the form of a poem)

On the very first eve of SSP,

We 36 peers met joyously,

But with the terrible heat,

And the sort-of-sus meat,

We’re in dire need of a bubble tea treat.

About me:

Greetings fellow SSPers! This is Eric. I am from Canada, where I partake in the IB program. I once thought I liked cold weather better than hot weather, but after arriving at IU, I have begun to reconsider this opinion. I look forward to the remaining thirty-something days of SSP!