Hedgehogs, Clouds, and Oreos

Author: Ashley G.

This Thursday represented a fairly typical day at SSP on the NMSU campus. My roommate and I woke up at 7:45 am sharp and proceeded to fall back asleep for five minutes. We then walked to breakfast where we encountered the NMSU Football Players, the STEM Among Us Program, and the rest of the SSP community. 

We then attended our daily lecture from Dr. R. He taught us about how to reduce and align the images of our asteroid. I was able to find my asteroid on the raw data, but unfortunately I was unable to reduce my images. In the afternoon, we attended our daily physics lecture. Dr. Anderson decided to explain physics concepts with a hedgehog! 

Here is my attempt at replicating his illustration!

Dinner was decent, but I still miss my mom’s home cooking! I guess my dining experience at SSP will prepare me for when I have to eat only cafeteria food in college.

In the evening, I worked on my math/physics pset with some friends. I’m so grateful that everyone is so friendly and supportive at SSP. I was a little nervous before I left for the program about being with a group of strangers for over a month, but everyone is incredibly nice here!

The TAs unveiled the SSP NMSU 2023 Poster later in the day. It looked amazing! I had no clue that the TAs were so artistic. It  was cool to see photos from everyone on their first day. I cannot believe that it has already been almost 2 weeks. 

The SSP NMSU 2023 Poster

Finally, I ended my day with my observation shift. It was the first time my team didn’t have the 1-3am slot! Sadly, it was too cloudy for my team to get any data, but it was still a great time because Kavish brought Oreos! 

My team on the first day of the program

Overall, Thursday was another great day at SSP, and I am so excited for what’s to come! 


About me:

Hi! I’m Ashley, a rising senior from Wilmette, Illinois. I have been figure skating for 13 years and am interested in engineering. In my free time, I like to listen to music, hang out with friends, and take naps! At SSP, you will probably find me working on psets, walking to the Starbucks in the bookstore, or complaining about another 1-3am late shift!