by Kai S.

After being at SSP for a month, I can truly say that it is the experience of a lifetime. Going into SSP I never expected to spend three hours sitting in lectures deriving a formula, only to find out later that half the steps were made up by a man named Gauss. I also never expected to learn how to code in just a few days and be thrown into coding PSETS only to spend the next few hours debugging code.

Although there has been a lot of work, SSP has been a very fun and honestly, confusing, experience. On the second week of eating peacefully at Chase dining hall, I was suddenly met with hordes of children running all over the place and causing chaos. Just last week, I was eating my food in peace when I witnessed an atrocity at the dining hall. A line of kids were getting pasta from the self-serve station when one of them suddenly decided to stick his finger into the sauce (that other people eat from, mind you) and others completely missed their plate when trying to pour sauce over the noodles.

With all the cool things I’ve learned and all the interesting experiences, the best part of SSP was meeting so many other people with the same goals and interests that I do. In just a month I made so many close relationships with people from all over the world that I would have otherwise never made. The combination of so many cool people, interesting lectures and fun activities make bring at SSP so enjoyable.

About Me:

Hey! My name is Kai and I’m from Arcadia, California. I enjoy physics, building and making new things, eating good food, and hanging out with friends. At SSP, you can probably find me playing Super Smash Bros, playing frisbee, debugging my code, or watching npc’s try (and fail miserably) getting food from Chase Dining Hall.