Hi Steady State, I’m Dad: the Duality of SSP

Aren’t acronyms such a beautiful thing? SSP… Summer Science Program, Shell Shock Program, Sammer Science Program, Summer Splatting Program, and a *slight* deviation: Summer Bus Breaks Down In the Middle of Nowhere Program (SBBDIMWP). Basically the same acronym.. obviously.  I’ll take this moment to give a big shoutout to late night study seshes turned into shellshock.io brawls (*definitely* not a first person egg-themed game), ways to tease the many Sams in our lives, or references to clumsiness (since no one wants to go splat on the pavement)

Asides from getting overattached to my summer playlist (looking at you American Pie and Tongue Tied), SSP has been a seriously incredible experience thus far. Ironically, I’m writing this blog post on a not-so-successful lab day that featured steady state assays and SDS-PAGE. I came into SSP and this lab very very well-aware that assays were finicky, but that didn’t change the fact that our group was slightllly mortified that we had zero enzyme activity. But hey, that’s what redos are for!  And anyways, I thank the gel gods that ours didn’t develop the mysterious yellow-brown coloration (knock on wood). 

Following lab, we enjoyed a fun TA talk from Karenna that ended with a very very good monkey video. (am I allowed to add links? here’s the link to the video: https://youtu.be/c1s3Iekns9k)

I finished off my day with a “midnight” walk (we learned earlier from a dorm meeting that post-11 PM walks aren’t exactly permitted), and it was super enjoyable. Nothing captures the SSP experience like watching Derrick chase Eric at max speed for unknown reasons, or wandering around cool Indiana streets gazing at pretty lights, big museums and unlocked theaters. At this point, evening walks are one of my favorite parts of the day, and one of my favorite SSPastimes. 

Anyways, I’m getting a bit sleepy now (three cheers to Sleepy Student Program), so I’ll wrap this up and think some more about the banana cream pie I had a few days ago. 

Peace out!


Heyo everyone! I’m Angela, and I’m a rising senior from Sebring High School in Sebring, Florida. I very much enjoy a good dad joke, and I’m the proud owner of a sock eating poodle named Telli. In my free time, I like to press buttons (play piano), and cook (unless I’m accidentally burning Poptarts). It’s nice to meet you!