Hiking & Hoping (For a Successful Read)

Hi everyone!

My name is Josh, and I am from Scotch Plains, New Jersey. It has been an eventful 18 days since we all started the program. I have been eating, sleeping, and thinking about microbiology ever since!

Yesterday, we had the opportunity to go hiking through the Turkey Run State Park. There was no cell service (worst experience of my life), so my friends and I decided to go on a few-mile hike. We saw some cool mountains, took lots of photos, and ate some amazing hot dogs.

Today, we started focusing more on the technological portion of SSP. While everyone is starting to become frustrated with the bioinformatics software we use, we are all excited to become closer to synthesizing our bacterial genomes and finding cool mutations! There is a lot of technology that goes into genomics, so learning the processes and technicalities was super enticing. 

Between bacteria and nature, I can testify that SSP is certainly the experience of a life-time. With two more weeks to go, I cannot wait to see what beholds the twenty-four participants!