How lucky am I

We are getting close to the final goodbye. Today was the last day in the lab yet I’d contend one of the best ones. While the data for close to all of the groups was all over the place 一 I somehow got an R^2 value of .1 一 it really was the people that made procedures, trials, and assays that much better.

I find it funny looking back on the memories from the first day. Small things that just stuck even through field trips, activities, and projects. Maybe it was meeting my roommate for the first time and then almost killing him five weeks later (accidentally, of course ( bonding experience)) that really made me realize that this program is about the experience and not just the values that we get from our readings. It might have even been the late nights with everyone on the floor trying to not get our organs decimated by 2X Spicy ramen (Btw, my spice tolerance has really improved), sometimes also betting on how fast it would take to eat zucchini carrot cinnamon rolls. Taking Shreyan’s phraseology is also one of the most valuable things that I have taken from this program (science included).

I cannot stress the amazing friends I have made through this program. From Jonathan, Colin, Faris, Shreyan, Sam, Ryan, Eric, Vishnu, and Luke to everyone at the 710 lab and the staff, it really is never a dull day when you have so many great people to hang out with.

In less than five days, while I will make sure to keep in touch with friends or plan to meet up if I’m in town, I will be saying a final goodbye to some who have made these last 5 weeks something special. And while it might be difficult, as they say:

“How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”

-Sanjay A.