Skipping breakfast is a daily part of my routine now! My roommate, Stephanie, refuses to set her own alarm so I had to walk over to her side of the room and push her to the floor (just kidding I would never do that to her of course!) Anyways, we woke up late again and ran to the SBO as quickly as possible (we were scarred from sleeping through our alarms because we definitely didn’t do that a few days ago). We had a super cool lecture about OD4 by Dr. F that wrapped up the OD1, OD2, and OD3 lectures we’ve been having for the past week. It was definitely arduous but it was also super cool to learn steps that will take us closer to determining our asteroid’s orbit. However, the OD codes do make some people want to pull their hair out (not me though).

Pov: Seok Yun’s code (just kidding we actually finished the code because we are so studious)

After the lecture, we had some time to work on our PSET and OD codes and then we all went to get lunch. It was for sure a scrumptious meal (just like every other day at the C4C! 

I sat with Uluc, Seok Yun, Carlin, Christina, Natalia, Aaron, and Stephanie! Look at how empty! We basically reserved the room for ourselves!

Lunch was kind of uneventful, but we did have a guest speaker in the afternoon! She had a totally cool profile (women in stem!) and we learned about the restoration of Yerkes Observatory as a center for the collaboration of arts, culture, and science. I thought it was super interesting to understand her perspective as one of the most accomplished women in her field and the history of telescopes among other things.

However… the most impressive part was her daughter, Ida! During our Q&A, she was (only slightly) distracting, and went around giving everyone ‘huggies’ and ‘goodbye huggies’. She was super cute and there were definitely a lot of people who really enjoyed her presence.

(stephanie and richard loveeeeee babies and kids and little its).

Then, I surreptitiously fell asleep on the couch and I was still asleep when we were calling clicker numbers and I got rudely awoken by mounds of voices reverberating off of the walls. I awkwardly tumbled off the couch and almost fell asleep again three times during dinner announcements.

After dinner, our team and Dominick, Rebecca, and Youjia’s team zoomed in on the UNC campus (CUB still the best campus though). Our campuses met each other and it was super cool to meet the other participants of UNC (unfortunately the NMSU campus couldn’t make it because they had monsoons 😣) . Still, it was super dandy to meet everyone and learn more about each other!

Overall, it wasn’t a super interesting day but I had a lot of fun with everyone in the program! I gave and received a lot of hugs and I was able to observe and be a part of the parallax experiment to determine the distance between us and our beautiful asteroid 2002 KL6 (no romantic attachments though, of course, Dr. F!)  

I’m late submitting  as I’m writing this (so sorry Richard!) and I haven’t proofread it at all but to all our SSP participants, I’m so happy we’re creating these super dandy memories together and learning and having so much fun in the process!

I’ll clock out now,

XOXO Kara.

(bedazzled crew #1: the zany zero-gravity zesters. Bedazzled crew #2: Taizo and I)\

(campus meet up!)

(2002 KL6 teams @ the observation deck!)

Hi! My name is Kara and I’m a rising senior from Carmel, IN!  I’ve been coding since before my birth (everyone knows it of course!)  In my free time I like to watch (and analyze) movies, read books, journal, and listen to music! I love biking at night, watching movies alone in my room at 2 AM, and hanging out with my friends!