IB Scores Day!!!!!

Author | Eileen S.

Editor Rex S.

The day we have all been waiting for! IB scores came out at approximately 10:15 am today, starting my day off as nervous as possible. Throughout the year I worked hard and this was the moment I was going to find out if all my nervous breakdowns were worth it. Except for the fact that I have never taken an IB course in my life. I actually woke up 20 minutes before the lecture started as my roommate turned off my alarm and left me for dead.

After snatching a pop tart and phagocytosing it, I arrived to Lindley Hall on time and got ready for lecture 1 of the day. That’s when I noticed some pupils indulging in a cat nap (before class started)!

After our lecture we were given a MOE class activity. MOE class activities are the best because they test your ability to read directions accurately, something I fail at often. This activity, however, helped us visualize the inhibition activity for our final research paper where we will use our own homology model in the upcoming days.

Then, while I was working inside the class with a couple friends, I came outside and gasped at the efficiency of the other students hard at work.

This is when I told them it was time for the best hour of the day. LUNCH TIME. As we walked through Indiana’s beautiful campus, I pondered as to what I would swipe for lunch this day. I could get a classic fried chicken sandwich and make a lethal combination of the hot sauce packets and Mac and Cheese. This was especially tempting due to the empty line from the usually busy Burger Place. However, I decided a fresh and tasty salad from the infamous restaurant, The Mix, would satisfy me much more.

As I predicted, the salad did the trick! I just know my fellow scholars enjoyed their nutritious meals just as much.

Nevertheless, we had to get back to business. 

After the satisfying lunch, we had another lecture and class activity. We were all so excited.

For this class activity we had to collaborate with our research group. Favorably for me, I have a productive group that is always there to help me when needed. Especially my favorite group member of all time, Nicholas.

Even though we didn’t finish our group class activity, we were told to head down for our weekly guest speaker. I always look forward to guest speakers because of the questions other students ask, questions I would have never thought of. This week we had Dr. Millie M. Georgiadis, a professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Indiana University. Her presentation was insightful and the other SSPers asked creative questions, as expected.

After the presentation we had over an hour before dinner was set to start, at 6:00 pm, like usual. I should have taken this time to be productive like others on my floor.

Instead, I took a very-needed nap. Afterwards, our trek to dinner began, onto our new dinner tables. Today’s dinner was not the worst; however, Forest Dining Hall hasn’t brought back tofu in the salad bar since week 1, something I am learning to accept. Once we headed back to the Goodbody dorms, my groupmates notified me that we were to meet up immediately to work on the unfinished class activity from the day. After about an hour of work, we decided to call it a night, even though we had some unanswered questions. Still, we felt successful and productive!

It was now time for the serious work to begin with my talent show companions, Zachary and Selam. We choreographed for our top-secret performance, as we have had years of dance experience (2 years of recital dance when I was 5). Then we creeped downstairs to gather some communal ice cream for a much-needed sweet treat! To our surprise (and anger), the cookies and cream ice cream were all gone.

 This left a sour taste in our mouths but we quickly forgot about it at the mention of the rest of our exciting week. Even though we have so much work to be done, we are excited for the rest of our SSP experience and the success of our cohort!