I’m the Mayor of Colorado

Yep, another beautiful day in Colorado. I woke up this morning at around 6:15 because my very very cool roommate Andreas went for a run with our TA Diego. Apparently Andreas left him in the dust because he is a very fast runner! Honestly I’d be even slower because I haven’t run a mile since freshman year in 2020 😦

Also, squirrel!! I believe Taizo also saw a deer so my discovery isn’t THAT cool, but nevertheless I was glad to see some critters on the Boulder campus – I’ve gotten tired of seeing people all the time lmao. 

Since I woke up so early, I headed over to the dining hall for breakfast at 7:30, but it turns out that essentially no SSPeople show up to C4C before 8AM. Eventually some people showed up and chose to sit with me (guess they wanted to make friends or something that’s so weird lol). One of them, Afsana (who is very funny and our sole New Yorker!) got a cup of coffee…but in a glass instead of a mug.  

Then came our lecture on vectors. I’ve had a decent amount of experience with them from previous math classes, but it was still an excellent review of the concepts I may have forgotten. After the math “survey” yesterday, I realized I didn’t know all the ins and outs of dot and cross products as much as I did last year. That’s why I was so glad that Dr. D did an awesome job going over vectors even in covering so much in so little time. After all, that’s the SSP experience! 

A new tradition has started to take place in CUB, better than any “spikeball” traditions campuses like “UNC” can come up with: making dotted lines with chalk! So far no one’s done a perfect dotted circle, but Lana’s been practicing and thinks she can get it. Scratch that – she KNOWS she can. Some of us were confused by the rotational matrices that describe vectors, but dotted chalk lines will certainly help us reinforce those concepts…somehow.

Then at lunch came a very unique event: I became crowned the mayor of Colorado. Let me explain: according to August, a native Coloradoian, all the best Coloradans eat their ice cream from the bottom up. I know – it sounds like a very strange and weird thing for this very green state, but if August said it and I’m a guest in his state, it has to be true! Below you can see my struggles in eating the dessert in such a strange position, and it all turned out to be worth it when August declared me the mayor of Colorado. It’s crazy, not just because a mayor is a city-level title and Colorado isn’t a city as far as I know! As my first and final law as mayor, I outlawed ever eating ice cream in that way – with penalty of public shaming 😵‍💫.

After the afternoon lecture, we all went on a trip to the planetarium. Though I did have to crane my neck to see many of the 88 constellations that Dr Fallsheer walked us through (giving a complex history of them and even some mythology), it was generally enjoyable. We get to come back on Thursday for a public show where we’re sure to learn more about the night sky, including wonderful visualizations from CU Boulder’s very own astronomy team!

Before dinner, I saw that the TAs made a colorful and visually awesome poster with all of the participants. My picture happened to blend very well with the rest of my teammates, which only goes to prove that we work so well together, even in pictures!

Finally after dinner and talking with Dr D about his experiences living in southern Illinois – and how he’s a fellow military kid! – I worked on my problem sets with Lana and Jovin. To keep us a little bit more cheery the TAs drew a bunch of Pokemon. Some Pokemon turned out better than others, but overall I was super impressed by their artwork – especially as math and science people! 

Today wasn’t my day for the observations, so I was able to go to bed earlier, though when I left at 11:30, almost everyone still there said  “Y r u going to bed?”. Gotta prioritize sleep tho!

So that was my day. I hope you thoroughly enjoyed this blog, because it is simply the best blog I have ever written. Stay tuned for next month, when I come back as a blogger one more time!!

Howdy y’all. I’m Ben and I’m an American living in Germany on a military base. In my free time I enjoy watching TV, especially Survivor. I like to bike, listen to music, and learn math (and some physics). Getting into SSP was definitely a shock, but I’m so glad to be here and get to meet so many cool and extremely smart individuals! I’m ready to learn a ton and drink from the firehose in some of my favorite subjects, but by far I’m most excited to make some lifelong friends 😁.