Introduction to Week 4

Today is the fourth Sunday at SSP. It technically began as an extension of Saturday, the open house day where I met a ton of my friends’ parents. Phillip’s parents shared embarrassing pictures of him as a child, and I met Cam’s super cool older brother Devin.

But yesterday’s post was about the open house, so I’ll write about the day after. Sunday.

The third week was quite assignment heavy, with a grand total of 5 assignments: 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11. Assignment 7 easily slid under the radar since it was due a week after it was assigned. Assignments 8-11 required immediate attention. So with open house eating up Saturday, assignment 7 dominated Sunday.

I woke up at a reasonable 9am, and immediately went back to sleep until 10, resisting the urge to complete assignment 7: to write an introduction for the paper for our project. When I finally got bored of laying down, I trudged out of bed to the computer lab—only to find that it was full. Everybody was there, typing away. Eric, Alina, Sehyun, Shelby, Victoria, Della, Dmitra, Michelle, Aniyah, Grace, everybody. I was too late. Computer lab full, assignment 7 incomplete.

In frantic need of a computer, I searched “library” into Google Maps in hopes of finding somewhere to work since CHAS was locked, and eventually found somewhere to type away with Gavin. Then I checked the time: 11:15. Having failed to wake up for breakfast, we decided to pick up lunch and eat while we worked.

Over three hours later and a lot of papers read, I completed a VERY elementary draft of an introduction—but it was complete. Somewhere during this process, Ms. Bana announced that campus boundaries would be extended to Target and Chipotle, which was something we were all anticipating since day one.

Thus, a bunch of us made our way to “downtown,” and completed our weekly grocery run—including some Thai rolled coffee ice cream from Miss Sugar Dessert and bubble tea. Eric and I were looking for a cooler, which the mini-Target did not have except for an “eco-friendly” cooler, which is essentially a glorified cardboard box.

Eco friendly cooler in our dorm room

The Target was also dealing with some mechanical failure, so their entire refrigerator system was down, meaning—to Eric’s demise—no soymilk. He even asked for oatmilk, and he hates oatmilk. 

After trudging back a half mile back to the dorm with a cardboard cooler full of gatorade, I got a chance to relax and do some laundry. The dorms seemed particularly empty today. As it turned out, writing an entire introduction for assignment 7 meant everyone would be crowded in the computer lab.

After eating a long-missed Wiley dinner, I headed out to the courts with Joe to play some tennis.

A night view of the courts

Today he beat 3-2 in tiebreakers, but it was really close.

Joe took a picture of my serve

It was a pretty uneventful day today. Most people were wrapping up assignment 7 (even though we should have finished it earlier) or resting from the eventful day yesterday. As we enter week four, we’ll start designing our inhibitors and progressing on our papers. To two more great weeks!

Hi, I’m Cory. I go to Columbus Academy in Columbus, Ohio. I enjoy playing the classical piano and also play soccer and tennis. My favorite animal is the red panda, and I love to cook.