Jake Y. Blog Post 6/30/23

Author | Jake Y.

Editor | Rex S.

Based on previous blog posts, the general formula appears to take the form of a concise summary of the writer’s day. As such, I will describe my day at SSP on June 30, 2023. 

I woke up at 7:30. After which, I forced myself to exercise. Upon returning, I prepared for the day. I skipped breakfast because I was not hungry. I ate a breakfast bar and walked to Lindley Hall in time for the 9:00 lecture. I took notes on a lecture about substrate specificity. The information was delivered very quickly; I missed multiple slides and needed to ask about them later. Upon the conclusion of the lecture, I worked with my group on Class Activity 14: Specificity of Cdc14 Phosphatases to answer questions, research, and write a procedure. At 12:30, we went to Indiana Memorial Union to eat lunch. At lunch, I ate butter chicken through the meal exchange plan. Upon finishing the meal, I returned to Lindley Hall to continue the Class Activity. At 4:00, we finished the activity and reconvened with everybody else in the lecture room to watch Jackson Morris’s “TA Talk.” A recording of Felipe’s introduction and Jackson’s full talk is included in this blog post. Upon finishing the talk at 4:30, we all returned to Goodbody. In the intervening time, we completed work and prepared for dinner. At 5:58, Hemkesh and I elected to wake my roommate in time for the 6:00 trip to Forest Dining Hall. A video of the procedure is included in this blog post. Acknowledgments to Hemkesh Chenupati for operating the camera. Once the group had arrived at Forest for dinner, I consumed chicken, salad, and rice. For dessert, I resolved to digest cinnamon toast crunch cereal with water. An explanation video is included in this blog. At the time of writing at 7:44, I have yet to finish the day, but it is likely that I will not do anything notably interesting for the rest of the day. 

It is also important to note that cereal with water is indeed palatable. Any SSP participant to claim otherwise is misguided. Non-milk cereal bowls can create a vastly superior flavor compared to milk because of the synergistic combinations available afforded by the expanded range of beverages.

Cereal with water is the thinking man’s food. Anybody can mindlessly make a “normal” bowl of cereal. First, get a bowl. Then, pour milk into it. Next, put any random cereal in. Finally, eat the milk cereal. Water cereal requires slightly more finesse to achieve a more delectable final product. One must select the best combination of beverage and cereal. Flavored liquids, such as Sprite and root beer, work well with blander cereals like Cheerios. The unflavored cereals absorb the liquid without adding any conflicting tastes of their own, creating a juicy and concentrated burst of carbohydrates and sugar. Flavored cereals, like Cocoa Puffs and Frosted Flakes work well with unflavored liquids like water: the cereal creates a sweet drink as they slowly dissolve in the water. If one actually thinks ahead to plan out the meal, cereal in non-milk beverages can be much more rewarding than simply relying on milk. Once one becomes more experienced in this cereal technique, riskier tactics can be implemented: cola and Cocoa Puffs, for instance. The flavors complement each other to create a better result than either of the constituents. 

  1. Felipe’s Introduction: https://youtu.be/jvehRnCcnqw
  2. Jackson’s TA Talk: https://youtu.be/Ohf5FVp5w20
  3. Dominic Wakeup: https://youtube.com/shorts/COpgMApHgUA?feature=share
  4. Cereal: https://youtube.com/shorts/ypU7GUoGvCs?feature=share
  5. Unrelated animation I made while watching Jojo: https://youtu.be/sGuOTuQ7P6M