James’s July 12th Blog

After a 1-3 am observation night, I found myself lucky to be waking up at 8:46 for my 9:00 lecture instead of much later. After sleeping straight through all three of my alarms, I got out of bed and trudged to Phillips. I dreaded sitting through a lecture while nodding off, but I became infatuated with the lecture topics of special and general relativity and stayed wide awake the entire time, until i nearly crashed at lunch. 

Dr. H Explaining Relativity

I was happy to be eating yet delectable another meal from Chase Dining Hall to make me power through the rest of the day:

Veggie burger with a side of fry 😃

          In the afternoon, Dr. F gave a talk about his research experience which was highly requested. Despite my exhaustion, I had fortunately just eaten a completely substantial meal that allowed me to stay awake the entire time and get a sense of what I may want to do in graduate school. After lecture, I headed back to the dining hall to once again consume some scrumptious food:

Dinner 🥲


Hi! I’m James and I’m from Kearney, NE (💀💀💀). I have been thoroughly enjoying my time here at SSP and learning so much in regards to STEM and myself. In my free time, I love to play my violin, study geography, and read wikipedia articles about anything I find interesting!