July 25th

Today was the last Monday of SSP. Yesterday, we began our final group project, orbital integration with the SouthWest Research Institute. Using an initial condition for our asteroid we found using our orbital determination code and an initial condition for the major planets in the solar system, we were able to simulate the change in our asteroid’s orbit across 50 million years using many nearly identical initial conditions. After letting the simulation run overnight, we compiled the data from our group’s simulation, such as the chance of a collision with the Earth or Sun, into our final group presentation. After the presentations were over we did a scavenger hunt, much like we did on our very first day here. We ran around campus racing to be the first to take a picture with everything on the list. Unlike the scavenger hunt on the first day, we already knew where the locations were, and most groups were able to finish with time to spare. 

For nearly a week, I have been avoiding the fact that SSP is coming to an end, that I will have to pack up and leave what has come to be my new home, and that I’ll have to say goodbye to all the close friends I’ve made. I’ll miss most of the stupid things we’ve done, like burying people in the sand vollyball court, running through the sprinklers after a long day of psets and lectures, running to the C4C to get breakfast 8 minutes before lecture, or eating 7 bannanas in one day. Most of all, I’ll miss the people here, who are all so passionate about their interests and have always been eager to share their knowledge and experience with others. 

Sasha and Tyler buried in sand


Hello! My name is Evan, and I am a rising senior at Prairie City Monroe High School in Monroe, Iowa. I love FTC robotics. I also enjoy climbing and soccer.