July 8th Blog

Author | Raul G.

Editor | Rex S.

July 8th Blog

Today was a good day. I say this simply because I got to wake up without my alarm. Coming into SSP I thought we would have a traditional school schedule; work Monday through Friday and have the weekends off. However, every single Saturday up until now has been spent in the lab or a lecture hall. But today I got to wake up not to the horrible sound of my alarm, but to the sweet sound of my roommate getting ready to go to breakfast. 

We were all given the choice to go into the lab at 9 in the morning today (no thanks) but I am lucky enough that my group didn’t have to. After waking up, I took a shower, put my dirty laundry in the washer, and set my desk up to do some work. As soon as I sat down to work on my project, my fellow SSPer Felipe walked in and gave me a 30 minute speal about how bored he was. He then forced me to go to the common area and play a Cool Superb Game Over which (thankfully) nobody raged. 

We all had lunch at 11:30 in the Biology building. Our super amazing site director Mr. S got us all sandwhiches from a place in the city because he wanted us to have a little more diversity than the Indiana University mess halls have to offer. We ate, worked on our projects, and got ready for today’s special event.

Today, we got to watch the Indiana University production of “Into the Woods” which was actually really good. I am no critic, but I do believe I ought to have some degree of authority when it comes to judging college level productions. “Into the Woods” by Stephen Sondheim is a play in which characters from everyone’s favorite fairytales like Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, etc. live in the same universe and work together to lift a terrible curse. I would argue that the plot and overall idea of the play was well executed by the production team. The choreography and singing was on point, and the acting was especially magnificent. However, I do have to say that Act 2 of the play was significantly weaker than the beginning. I talked to other SSPers and our TA Rex and they all agreed with me on that. 

After the play, we had our usual dinner at the Forest dining hall but on our way to dinner, something horrible happened. Dr. H, our academic director, sent us all a message stating that we are to create a presentation on our research project and we will present it in just a few days. Fortunately for my mental health, it was during dinner that I found the highlight of my day: Rohan, our SSP comedian, recited a spectacular joke combining elements from the play AND the Forest dining hall. I really have to congratulate him on that joke because I believe it singlehandedly revived his comedic career. 

After dinner ended, we all came back to our dorms. Some SSPers are working on their projects, some are doing boring adult stuff like laundry, and I am stuck here in this uncomfortable chair writing this blog post that probably won’t get posted until a few days from now when everything about today will be irrelevant. 


Here is a picture of Rex next to a big clock waiting for the group to catch up.

Here is a picture of Rex waiting for the group to catch up thinking he took us to the right place but Mr. S is about to show up and tell him that we still have to walk a little more.

Here is a picture of Rex holding the door open for everyone to try to make up for the embarrassment that his poor directions caused.

Here is a picture of Rex nearly crying during the end of Act 2 (he is crying because he misses Act 1 and he can’t believe the second part is this much worse than the first part).

Here is a picture of the program for the play.

Here is a picture of a common man from Indiana.

Here is a picture of one of the SSPers from the Genomics program catching up on her sleep.