Second Day at SSP!​

Author Nicholas P.

Editor Rex S.

Today, Day 2, is when the atmosphere of research really appears, along with a good deal of pressure. Our first problem set did a good job reminding us of basic chemistry calculations, and we continued building skills in computer programs like MOE, which can manipulate 3D models of proteins. These programs are foundational for our research – but not to say easy, what with their labyrinthine control menus!

We also used the bioinformatics tool BLAST to look for similar protein sequences. It’s truly a miracle of modern computing to have the power to search through gazillions of sequences (and even then BLAST takes a minute or two to run).

The seeds of our research projects were conceived in the first research objective which was to characterise our fungal protein sequence, and to top off the day we conducted bacterial transformation to begin producing our proteins!

The backdrop of this experience, to quote Lauren, of explosive growth, is a profoundly calming campus.

We’ve seen dozens of rabbits, and a few deer. Being growled at and chased by a raccoon was NOT calming though.

There’s no doubt everything said about SSP is true, the jam-packed schedule, the crucial need for collaboration, and above all the fantastically supportive community.