Last lecture + Monte Carlo !!!

Author: Victoria C.

This Friday, we had our last lecture from both Dr. Anderson and Dr. Rengstorf. I still can’t believe SSP is gonna end in less than a week. I remember the first few days being here stressing out on all the psets, screaming at the bugs and dying over the hot weather. Time in SSP went by so fast and I don’t think I’m ready to say goodbye. Say goodbye to all the classmates I work on the extremely hard psets with, say goodbye to friends who I cry with, and say goodbye to my teammates who I spend many nights observing with. SSP indeed gives me a life changing experience and it is one of the best summers I’ve experienced. 

Going back to what happened today. My MONTE CARLO code was not working!! I spent hours debugging my code and still got a 136 for my uncertainty value 🙁 By then I was so frustrated, the MPC report was due in a few hours and my uncertainty didn’t even make sense. But being in SSP actually trains me to keep working even under a frustrated situation. Luckily I was able to get a working code by receiving help from multiple classmates. Even though I didn’t have enough time to run the monte carlo 10 million times, I managed to get it to run 10,000 times. We turned in our MPC report a few minutes before it was due. It was an interesting experience.

Going back to the dorm, me and Bailey decided to put on face masks and watch an episode of gossip girl to relax before tomorrow’s big task, OD report. Watching gossip girl with Bailey is actually very chaotic. I’m team S and she’s team B. We argued a lot but it was very fun. It sort of helped me relieve my stress and nervousness for tomorrow’s report. The OD report will be a reflection of everything we learned and worked on this summer. I want it to be my best effort so I can look back in the future and be proud of this amazing summer at SSP. Let’s hope everything goes well. 

About me:

Hi guys, this is Victoria from Irvine, California. Academically, I am more of a stem person. I enjoy physics and computer science. Outside of school, I love watching k dramas and going to the beach. At SSP, you can find me struggling to wake up every morning, trying to stay awake during lecture and asking help for psets.