Late-Night Observations

by Kyra B.

Nothing defines the SSP experience quite like trudging to the Morehead Planetarium with a T.A. and my teammates at one in the morning, still sleep deprived from working on late-night p-sets in the computer lab and/or playing Super Smash in the lounge. Despite this, the struggle to stay awake is countered by an eagerness to work with a real telescope and the potential of spotting our asteroid. Now familiar to me, I make my way up the possibly possessed elevator to the narrow stairs that lead to the dome, equipped with a telescope and computer illuminated by eerie red lights.

Even while busy taking different images for our data, we find time to talk about colleges and joke about TikTok, which I think is a good indicator of SSP as a whole: a lot of hard work and dedication with just as much fun packed into the spaces in between. The time passes quickly, and soon we’re closing the dome shutters and switching the room lights from red to “Carolina Blue.” Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate, and our target remained elusive. Even so, we’re already planning our next observation steps. If there’s anything I’ve learned at SSP so far, it’s that teamwork and determination can overcome any obstacle.

About Me:

Hi, I’m Kyra! My hobbies include running and reading science fiction novels (but usually not at the same time). You can currently find me writing this post in my dorm room.