Lecture, Galacy, and Life Advice – Ameena B.

Today was absolutely jam-packed. After waking up and having breakfast, we started the day with a lecture from Dr. M on scientific writing. We learned that scientific writing is so much more than just a collection of facts…it is a compelling narrative which links together data to communicate a much larger message at hand. After learning that, we spent a lot of time on a bioinformatics server known as Galaxy. Galaxy has a graphical interface, allowing us to analyze complex DNA sequences. For the past two weeks, we have been learning how to use Galaxy, in order to prepare for when we get our actual sequenced DNA samples from the mutated V. natriegens, which we expect to receive on Wednesday. While Galaxy has been frustrating at times, we, as a group, have been persevering and working through all of the various obstacles. It has truly flexed our problem-solving skills!

Later in the day, after having lunch, we did an activity to further our understanding of scientific writing, specifically when writing the Introduction section. Afterwards, we got the opportunity to listen to University of Michigan Medical Student, Jiwon Park. Her talk was very insightful, as it helped us realize the value of exploring different passions, not restricting oneself, and being kind to yourself when you make mistakes. These are all very important lessons – ones which will be of value for the rest of our lives. 

Evening Productivity

About me: 

Hey everyone! I am Ameena and I live in Dubai, U.A.E. I am a big science and math nerd, who also loves to listen to music and try different kinds of cuisines. I am thrilled to be at SSP and have enjoyed broadening my knowledge and skill sets.