Let them eat cake 👑 – Jasper Z.

The 7th of July. A momentous day if there ever was one. Yes it’s me again and now that I have your attention, it’s my birthday today??!!! >o< 

Now birthdays are very special days but here at SSP we put the science in celebration so that means I was up and at ‘em running to ABE this morning to make some broth cultures of our freezer stocks! We learned some advanced inoculation techniques – such mystic arts as using a pipette tip to scrape frozen bacteria out of cryotubes and dunking them into vials of medium could only be passed on at an institution of scientific learning like this. Then we went over to the lecture room and ran genome assembly and read mapping programs for what felt like (actually it probably was) hours. Still, as always it was a learning experience and I now feel pretty familiar with what each of the parameters of SPAdes does. Not the cards haha

After dinner we had cake and it was great but I’m kind of tired now so this is all you’re getting. I’m going to enjoy a birthday night’s sleep so thanks for reading!

Prepping agar plates
Partying hard

Hi! I’m Jasper Zietlow, from Piedmont, California. I really like to bake, read, and in general enjoy the great outdoors. If you’re ever in California, go backpacking at Point Reyes. It’s 100% worth it!