longest day of the SSP

Author: Deniz T.

Today is a full day. We have our second field trip to Alamogordo, Three Rivers Petroglyph Site and Space History Museum and it is the AP score release date. The first thing I did this morning was opening the college board website and of course it was giving a loading error. So I Facetimed my sister and she could log into my account from Turkey and that’s how I learned my scores. At 7.30 we got into the bus and set off. After a two hour drive we arrived at our first stop: Three Rivers Petroglyph Site. There we got to learn a lot about the history of the site from archaeologist Trinity Miller. She said that there were 21,000 petroglyphs. We hiked up to the hill with the petroglyphs for about one and half hours and saw some pretty cool ones but it was really hot.

Some pretty cool petroglyphs 

We ate our lunch there and we were on our way to our second stop: New Mexico Museum of Space History. We saw lots of interesting things there: the grave of a chimpanzee named Ham who flew a suborbital flight, space foods and different rocket engines… At the very last part of the museum there was a place where you could dress up as an astronaut and take photos. I didn’t do that but it was really fun to watch everyone. And at the end we got to buy some stuff from the museum’s gift shop.

left to right: kim, clarice, prisha, julia and me 

After a quick Walmart visit we got back into the bus and were at NMSU for dinner. Astro Pset 4 was a LSPR code and it was due today so I went back to the classroom and got it live checked then started working on m/p pset 5. Finished it before midnight but the day was not over for Team 8 (Clarice, Tony and me). We had a late shift today. We were exhausted though it was a success we collected 10 sets of data. And the day finally ended. I can say this was the longest day of the SSP for me. It will be fun to wake up tomorrow.

team 8 

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Hello! My name is Deniz and I’m from Istanbul, Turkey.  In my free time I love playing volleyball with my friends and cooking new recipes with my sister. At SSP you’ll find me trying to figure out how to write code or debug it and probably facetiming my friends back in Turkey.