Looking back…

As we are changing from SSPers to SSP alumni, I look back at the things we experienced. The most significant thing for me was the joy of overcoming struggles. For the lovely team that I was part of, the ultimate struggle was AIJ. What was wrong with AIJ? That’s hard to answer; basically, nothing worked. 

In order to overcome our problems, each day one of us screen-shared, and we tried to solve that specific case. It took almost a week to make all AIJs work. Then other problems occurred: our images were rotated and even more flipped. There is no time to explain all the other problems, since it would take more than a blog post, but now, I can confidently say that “we solved them at the end!” However, they caused some permanent consequences. After installing and processing more than 50 images, running the swift code for more than 10 hours, and trying to debug our codes for hours, I need to acknowledge that my computer has officially retired. Now, I can see the messages I type to discord after about eight seconds, and it takes me a long time to transfer from the CUB3 room to the TA office, where we visit frequently. The other and most important consequence was Atharva’s ears… At the end of each solution, Neinei and I screamed with joy, but Atharva’s earphones did not help with the scream. Even though Atharva may have serious problems with his ears (sorry for that), the scream of joy kept us going. 

The consequences were negligible compared to the once-in-a-lifetime experience, as Firaol said in his blog (recommended). SSP was one of the few special places that I felt complete inclusion. I–a person who never speaks in English classes, is afraid to talk in front of large groups even in her native language–expressed ideas, asked questions, and even made jokes in my second language. Even though I forced myself to speak up, without the understanding approach of SSPers and the faculty, it would not have been possible to fully experience SSP. I am extremely happy to be around individuals who try to empathize with each other, counter to the seemingly big differences. I thought the biggest one was not having drunk coffee before, and to those people, I highly recommend Turkish Coffee 🙂

So when I look back, I am pleased to acquire new knowledge, find happiness inside the hardships, and spend time with incredible people during SSP. I am looking forward to the new experiences we will have as SSP alumni…

Note: We observed that there is a 5.26% probability for our kind asteroid 2004 LJ1, who gave us three successful observations, to hit the Earth. So even though it seems to be a few million years later, live like you can meet our beautiful asteroid anytime soon and do things you enjoy!

Screenshot of iterations of fate of particles code, this is to test where the asteroid will end up, relative to other planets in our solar system.

* Swift code result after 12 hours


About me: Hi! I am Berra, a rising senior from Turkey. When I am not doing something related to science or programming, I enjoy watching dance videos, playing board games (my new favorite: Halli Galli), and solving sudokus and nanograms.