Making the Most of it

It’s been two weeks since the start of SSP, but each day is starting to go faster and faster. After the first couple of Psets that I submitted around 5 mins before the deadline, I was worried that I would not have any time to have fun or just relax. However, every time I have been working, I mess around with my friends and somehow find a way to just have fun. 

One day, a couple of us took the spherical trig ball and started playing keepy ups. This then escalated into going outside with a group of around 8 people and trying our best to not make the ball fall. At first, I was regretful because I knew I could be working, but I eventually became glad because it felt relaxing. I did not worry about any other responsibilities and I felt glad in the moment.

From left to right: Yujean, Sriram, me(Alex), and Ellie playing with the Spherical Trig Ball

For today, I doubted whether it was worth it to walk in the blazing sun to go watch the latest Minions movie with some other people of the SSP group. But we made the most of the walks through interesting conversations about fireworks and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

From left to right: Siriam, Andrew, and I posing in front of the Minions: Rise of Gru poster

These brief moments of fun make the entire program worth it. We could all be stressing about the upcoming Pset or just be getting minimal sleep, but there is a sense of community that unites us all. 

About Me: Hi! My name is Alex Z and I am a rising senior who lives in New York City. Aside from Astronomy, I love hiking and being able to experience the outdoors. I also love learning about any random nation’s history and playing with my dog.