Maybe the third time’s the charm…

It’s makeup field trip day! (If you want to know what horrid disaster struck us last time, check out SSP day 10 for IU! Dated June 23, 2022) Since our bus leaves at 8:00, the day begins at 7:00am in preparation for our Indianapolis zoo trip today. Or, that’s what was supposed to happen. I slept through my alarm, and my roommates phone had died during the night. So, at 8:05, I receive a call from our friend across the hall. Nothing like fear in the morning to get the adrenaline going! My roommate and I book it, throwing things on and arrive at 8:08. As we get ourselves situated at the dorm lobby we once again face the enemy of efficiency: unnamed bus company 1. If you read the June 23rd blog post, you’ll know why we hate this bus line. Once again, they show their professionalism and dedication to work! (Joke). We receive news they sent the bus to the wrong town, and that it would be 30 minutes. No biggie, my roommate and I head up again to do a morning do-over. Next thing we know, unnamed bus company 1 is out of the picture and a different bus company will take us to the zoo. At 10 am in 1.5 hours. What?? 

I’ll stop with the hectic morning and get onto the star of the show: the zoo! Using the ever present buddy system, all 36 participants (and the available TAs) scattered across the park to watch their favorite animals. Personally, my favorite was the aquarium! I took many videos of my friend’s first time at the touch pool, and there were so many different kinds of fish with distinct features. Of course we can’t go without mentioning the penguins and sea lions as well. The rest of the zoo was also enjoyable but so incredibly scorching! Totally something that didn’t contribute to my favoritism of the aquarium was the fact that it was indoors… It was so fun to bump into other SSP IU kids wandering around, getting tangled in each other’s orbits, then drifting away again to chase after the next location or scheduled show. Finally, Dipping Dots (not sponsored) are imperative to the zoo experience! I would prepare a whole alignment chart of what your favorite flavor says about your moral values, but we’ll settle with one. If you like rainbow ice, you’re chaotic evil :)) and you’re lying to yourself.


Hi! I’m Grace and I’m a rising senior ! I would say I’m more biology than chemistry but SSP is really opening my eyes. Some other things I do and am passionate about is cello, writing, and art! A little bit of a concerning passion of mine is gacha and rhythm games.