More MOE

Today was, surprisingly, not a very busy day. We spent the morning with MOE modeling the eleven inhibitors we tested in the lab earlier this week and learning how to modify and optimize enzyme-inhibitor interactions. The activities went pretty smoothly for my group and we were happy to see that the inhibitor we found to inhibit the most activity in lab also had the greatest predicted binding affinity in MOE. Afterwards, we headed over to the IMU for lunch where we all continued on our spending sprees to get rid of the large amounts of money in our dining cards before the program ends. After lunch, my group had some time to work on our research papers which are due in 3 days and at the top of everyone’s minds right now. We then listened to guest speaker Professor Laurie Levenson tell us some very interesting and heartwarming stories about her time as a defender of the wrongfully convicted with the Loyola Project for the Innocent. Now, as I am writing this post in the basement before dinner, many of us are scrambling to complete our figures and results section for our papers.

SSP has been an equally unforgettable and fun experience inside the lab and classroom as outside of it; over the last month I have made some amazing memories playing basketball and volleyball, swimming in Lake Monroe, and playing games late at night with friends. There are five days left here at IU and it has been an incredible experience. This community is truly unique and amazing and I know I am going to miss this place. It’s not over yet, however, and I know these next 5 days are going to be pretty memorable.