Musings from Outer Space

I can’t handle this anymore. All these kids from across the world, just STARING at me. I was able to evade the Campanelle Constellations (CUB team 9) for a couple weeks, but it looks like my luck has run out. These darn kids seem to be up at all hours of the night, analyzing me, inspecting my every move. From declinations away, I can see the dark circles under their eyes, yet they all persist. 

Sometimes they do take breaks, however. While I’m off varying my Eccentric anomaly, I hear those SSP’ers playing gartic phone, completing crossword puzzles, and even playing word bomb (with the guidance of Boss Jodi of course)! 

I’m just a rock floating through space, so working with technology is certainly not my forte, but some of these technology stories I hear about from the campers simply frighten me! 8 hours on zoom, just to immediately hop on a discord call, yet they smile and joke through it all. One of their favorite tactics to try and stalk me is python, luckily they seem to get stuck on quite a few bugs. 

Unfortunately, these campers sure are crafty! I know they are about to get a couple steps closer to figuring me out when they start sharing screens in the pset rooms, bopping room, or, the most frightening of all, the TA lair. I should be relieved that they only have a week and half left to find me, but I’ve heard some rumors that they’re about to determine my whole orbit — sounds like an invasion of privacy to me! 

Back to orbiting the sun, I guess!

-2000 YJ66 

Here’s a selfie! 

Image of asteroid 2000 YJ66, taken by CUB Team 9!


Hi! My name is Jessica and I live in Texas! SSP has been an awesome experience for me so far. When I’m not busy invading my asteroid’s privacy, I’m singing, coding, or just having a good time!