Nhan’s July 18th Blog

On the sunny yet not so quite clear morning of the eighteenth date of the seventh month of the year 2023 AD, I woke up intrusively, as it was partially my dreams that startled me back into the reality, or was it perhaps the soothing sinusoidal tone of my alarm?

Indebted with the thoughts of unfinished laundry within the laundry room, I profusely jumped out of bed in a hurtful but innocuous landing. Having successfully procured my desired belongings, I again lay on my bed, and submerged in another passive state.

Yet after a few moments of silence, I found myself striving alongside the great sidewalk, towards the voluminous building that was called Phillips. As I took my seat and remained reticent, I was, as with the other lovely participants, given the tasks of appreciation: writing thank-you letters.

After the two hours of drawing legible characters which made up the English lexicon, I found myself striving towards my temporary dormitory.

At this point I must explain to you, that I am a bear. I crave not the video games, nor the luxurious and lavish LEGOs, nor peace and calm and quietness, nor challenging tasks of chessing or piano-ing. I prefer dream-state, inception, sleeping.

For the next few hours, the talent show was the main show of the spacetime continuum. I must say, the people I met here, they are incredibly talented. Actually, talent is not enough a word to describe them. Shakespeare needed to invent or write an entire poem, an entire iambic pentameter, an entire novel, just to describe how talented these people are. If their talent was a crime, we would need a million Sherlock Holmes to solve the case. If their talent made up this entire universe, they would be dark energy, because they are so bright they expand this universe. If their talent was a substance, it would be the gravitons, for no one could ever discover such great talents elsewhere. That is all.

Upon the hours near midnight, roughly nine tenths of participants conglomerated upon the football field for a last match. Although the other team fought fiercely, I must say my team was much better (appreciations go to all my members). That is not to say the other team sucked. We all suck, but my team sucked less (appreciation to the other team members).

Of the twilight hours, the crepuscular animals ranged their bells. The cicadas shook with a melodic dissonance, causing anguish and pain to the ears of whose the sound waves passed through. The owls not shrieked but whispered with a light wisp, yet still uncomforting, for the questions they only asked, was who. Converging upon the Old West, we saw people getting food from Cosmic, while others played Jeopardy, puzzle games, Just Dance, or just pensively stared into the ceiling.

I was participant to none of those things, for I felt incredibly sore, and tired. My room was half cleaned, and with a few hours left, I needed sleep. Yet I can feel the resonance, the vibrations, and the liveliness of these events. It was just like when LOGO detected gravitational waves for the first time. Amazing, but I needed sleep, so not quite great.

Have you ever wondered what let’s stand for? Well, it stands for let us. That just makes everything so much more, elegant. Let’s go! became let us go. Let’s stop here became let us stop here. Well, let us conclude this blog with one takeaway, the importance of peers. Everything accomplished here was with peers. And for that, peers are the most important thing in the world.

This is the end of my blog, and I must say, the end of SSP. Despite how melancholic that might sound, and the lost memories that would only be in the past, great things fall so greater things can rise. In the past five weeks we learned a lot and made a lot of experience and networking. Imagine where we would be in five years, utilizing all the skills we learned and obtained here.

…Let us be optimists.

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Some random boy from Washington State that likes piano, badminton, astronomy, physics, math, reading, and most importantly, cybersecurity.