Ode to SSP

SSP has been fun, and also changed my computer in weird ways :O Here’s a poem about it:

My Computer during SSP

i. tabs

White bricks follow obediently,

building a wall

of disaster. Cemented by tears

from Python

errors, awkward laughs

of hallucination, my tabs

keep duplicating, creating infinite

material. Democritus 

betrayed, nine Canvas 

tabs sleep soundly

with only the tapping

of my keyboard

through the night.

ii. windows

Although I never witnessed a shooting 

star, SSP gifted me new windows.

Behind AIJ, a snowflake glaze.

In the oven, unleavened pixels rise

toward darkness. Motion is all I need

for my search to be validated.

Behind Visual Studio, a secret

army of minion trolls fumble

with my code, somehow generating

an error when there’s obviously

nothing wrong.