Omnipotent Dr. One | Alex W.

The 5th day of SSP was a major step towards our research projects and another day with Dr. One. Waking up at 10:30 AM, I hurriedly got ready for the campus activity starting at 11. With a short introduction to Dr. Conway’s lecture tomorrow, we enjoyed our bonding activity, the fishbowl game. Describing the words chosen by everyone, teams tried their best to understand the verbal/physical expression of the describer. Although the inability to convey the word led my group to the point where we shouted out the cycling words after numerous attempts, we all know that enjoyment is far from succeeding. 

During the class activity and TA block, every group faced the exciting yet challenging task of designing a recombinant DNA molecule. It was a daunting task that required continuing questioning to TAs and Dr. Das, but in the end, our group was left with a beautiful recombinant DNA molecule integrating the vector and the target sequence.


Awesome help session.jpg

The Labster experience for me was quite enraging. Labster simulations have never let me down, especially with the kind virtual assistance from Dr. One. This time though, with 4 different tables with a long task, my dissatisfaction with the incoherent instructions caused the ranting of my own insecurities. Dr. One, you were not the one that I knew today. 


fabulous animation from labster.jpg