On Beetle Arcs and Getting Back Up

Author: Chenault E.

What do you get when an Iowan, an Arizonan, and a young warrior from New Jersey stare at each other for three hours at a time? The Weirdoughs (No Bun Intended)! At first, our Zoom sessions consisted of long spells of awkward silence and confusion at whatever numbers we had on our screens. Things are much more chill now, though it’s still a possibility that Kristin has something nefarious she’s hiding… 

Today, The Weirdoughs and I worked on math problems involving vector addition and geometry. 

Figure 1: Sophia’s 2 awesome quadrilaterals, my virtual face mask, and 2 thumbs up. 

Sophia carried with her drawing skills and Kristin helped us confirm our answers. I even managed to pull the Law of Sines from the deepest pits of my memory to help us figure out when cannibalizing bugs would meet their mutual demise. If these insects have taught me anything today, it’s that if something looks like it’s a meter long, it probably is in fact a meter long. 

After the math pset, we looked ahead to the astronomy homework due tomorrow. Sometimes when I work on astro problems, I get lost in all the numbers and the coordinate systems and the spinning globe I draw to help me reason it out. But even when the Greek letters win temporary victories over The Weirdoughs, we get back up and work even harder to finish our work. And that’s what SSP is all about. I’m so excited to work with Sophia and Kirstin these next four weeks as we move along with the research project. 

PS: As Katie confirmed earlier, she won’t kill me for submitting this so late.

About the Author: I’m from New Jersey, which is basically New York 2.0. I love photography, squash, and I really got into spikeball this past spring. I have a twin sister, my own cat, and some bacon in my freezer that won’t last pretty long.