One Week Past with Eccentri-City™

Today signals the arrival of a new week. 7 long and exciting days have passed by. Sunday has been amazing considering that we all slept in. Since I woke up late, I missed brunch, but at this point, sleep takes precedence over food. No need for coffee today. I could do some maintenance in reference to the laundry that I had previously been neglecting. 

Neglected Laundry

As per usual, problem sets take up a large portion of the day. I am looking forward to some of the upcoming field trips. Specifically, Los Alamos National Laboratory. I am sure that many may find it unsettling to travel there, but I am sure that just as many find it interesting. The infamous Manhattan project has permanently cemented itself in the fabric of history. Yet, the same science used to create such a weapon of destruction now has the prospects of saving humanity. Our understanding of nuclear physics can help us to advance the production of energy along with figuring out what the heck our universe is made of.

Big CEO Alan

Unfortunately, our lab group had the late shift on the day before our field trip. If we get back to the dorms at around 3:00, but have to wake up at 6, is there even a point? In any case, I look forward to going back to observing.

I have also found a new hobby to spend the little free time available: cards. Specifically, I have found that playing poker with others such as David, Akif, and T.A. Eric can be a learning experience in and of itself. Of course, no real money but chips should suffice as a measure of progress.

Until next time,

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