Pasta Recipe for a Professional SSPasta-er


  • One asteroid meatball with just the right flavor (e.g. our cute 2000 YJ66)—don’t forget to include all the bad data and images that make it taste more special
  • Two hemispheres of nerdy brains with juicy neurons, sliced
  • Three sweet souls ready for collaboration
  • Four Python-ian bugs, if you can catch them (this species of insects is normally found in the Sea of Code)!
  • Five observing requests, make sure they are well-seasoned!
  • Six cups of “mandatory fun” to get rid of drowsiness (gartic (*garlic*) phone sounds like a good choice!)
  • Seven bottles of knowledge sauce from the TA office and the senior faculty (shoutout to our dear Andrei, Afura, Dominick, Molly, Dr. Bauer, Dr. Domingue, Dr. Ice, and Dr. Kim!)
  • Eight sprinkles of special spice of guest speaker lectures so your dish is not too bland
  • Nine tablespoons of passion for astrophysics or biochemistry
  • Infinite number of p(asta)sets to add layers of flavor; you can use any type you want (Astro, math/physics, coding, OD…whichever you like)
  • Some QODs and puzzle pepper to spice up the dish
  • Learning blocks for the flavored extraction of knowledge
  • Work/play blocks to scrap that last bit of pset flavors from other SSPasta-ers and the TAs
  • Accompanied by numerous midnight-to-4am-in-the-morning psetting parties if you are in the States (gratitude from us international SSPasta-ers!)
  • Lastly, put one-half teaspoon of karaoke salt if you don’t want the taste of pests stuck on your tongue for too long! 


“Mise en place” is key: Once you get all your ingredients, mix them with a bowl of stars from whichever galaxy you like. You will end up with the tastiest pasta dish ever! 

A picture of spaghetti in front of a space background.

(Okay I stole from my rough illustration for our campus t-shirt design)

Finally, grab two awesome teammates and invite them to enjoy the meal together with you (I’m gonna ask my two amazing teammates Jessica and Michael to share the dish with me). You can enjoy it while you are *bopping* with your fellow SSPasta-ers over Zoom!



Hi! I am Adelynn, a rising senior who loves math and science. I have a younger sister who chills outside of my room while I dive through my psets. I am a devout music and figure skating lover, plus a crazy cat-lover who just got chased by a cat last month! My most recent hobbies though, are watching other people play video games and enjoying the thrill once I finish my psets and OD codes.