Photometry and Pop Tarts

Author: Arjun D.

Today was …interesting. Ok let me start from the first minute of the day. It’s 12:00 AM and Team 7 (best team) runs past a horde of crickets that litter the entire parking lot between the rock (observing room) and the P-set dungeon. A short stroll transforms into a nightmare of horrors littered with bugs and skunks.

After getting past the nightlife we spend the next couple of hours taking some of our best data yet on a day where clouds threatened to ruin yet another observing session. Ever since week 1 our luck has changed for the better and the telescope has stopped hating us (the curse of observing with Joel has finally been broken). Of course our discussions in the rock stray to the weirdest topics yet as we move from Bridgerton to Personal Love Lives to somehow talking about Fortnite emotes. Late shift truly brings out the best side of people. 

Doing the floss while waiting for darks (Bailey, Vicky, me from left to right)

Despite going to bed at 2 AM I am up again at 7 to get ready. Trudging all the way to the dining hall while still half asleep, I realise that I have made 2 epic blunders. 

  1. I locked myself out
  2. I forgot that the dining hall is closed

Thus begins the long journey back as I wait for my roommate, Dean, to save me from the wrath of the RAs. After finally finding the right place to eat I decided to try Pop Tarts for the first time in my life on my walk to the class (I was quite disappointed). 

Classes nowadays go by like a blur with my mind solely focused on my code and unable to cope with Dr. Andersens’s hedgehog analogies. All I pray for is that the P-set does not cover anything that goes over my head (which sadly hasn’t worked yet). 

The work finally starts after classes end. The laptops come out and the room comes alive. People move into study groups and I pull up the bane of my existence, Photometry. 2 hours of nonstop work and a few tears later, I finally finish. And by finish I mean perform photometry on one of my 6 images :’)

Rushing back after dinner I realise that I have neglected a very big and looming threat. Maths Pset 8. Questions 2 and 3 were tough but doable with a little effort and a lot of help. Question one however, still haunts my dreams a day later, following me around like a ghost whenever I close my eyes. I work on it till the deadline approaches in a race against time. I stare at the clock as it moves to half an hour left, and then 20 minutes left and then 5. In what can only be considered a photo finish, I beat the deadline with a minute to spare. 

With my forearms burning from the three page hell of an answer, I drag myself back to the dorms to finally end the day at a relatively early 1 AM, thanking god that Sunday is finally here.

About me:

Hi I am Arjun, a junior from a small town in India. I love playing metal guitar online and playing cricket with my friends. I am a strong believer of hot sauce on all food and my biggest secret is that I hate Chai.