PINK DRINKS 4 LIFE: An Average SSP Sunday

12:00 am. – MANKEY TYPE!!!

As always, the day starts off at 12:00 am in the SBO. However, instead of the usual cranking of P-Sets and OD code, we are battling it out in the heated fields of Monkey Type, a type racing game. 

Ben, Taizo, Rebecca and I all struggle to keep up as Kara’s lightning fast fingers (150 WPM!!!) destroy any words in sight. 
The Gang (Ben, Natalia, Rebecca, Kara, Taizo, and Diego).

Some time before curfew 🙂

After getting kicked out of the SBO, I went back to my dorm fully intending on getting some Zzzs. But as I entered the lobby, Uluc, Seok, and Joshua forced me (I voluntarily joined)  into a hilarious game of Hand and Brain Chess. In this variation of chess, 4 players face each other in two teams of two. One player is the “brain”, and tells their teammate, the “hand”,  what type of piece to move. It is then up to the “hand” to find the right piece and make the best move possible. What made this game especially entertaining was the humongous skill gap between the “brains” and “hands”. While Uluc and Joshua are both incredibly talented at chess, Seok and I barely know how to play the game. This resulted in a night full of cries, curses, and laughter as Uluc and Joshua attempted to comprehend our delusional commands.

Uluc and Joshua cringing in disappointment as Seok and I break the boundaries of chess!! Sitting on the left is Gustavo, amazed by the very advanced gameplay.

11:00 am – Rock Climbing!

Waking up to birds chirping their lighthearted tunes (my duck alarm ringtone) might just be the best way to start any day. Once I cleaned up my room after a week of neglect, I headed to the C4C for breakfast. There I waffled down a bagel, egg, and sausage sandwich before dashing to the Rec Center’s climbing wall. At the climbing wall, I joined up with Jay, Seok, Christina, Taizo, Rebecca, Emily, and Lana to begin our journey of becoming the next Summer Spider People. Thanks Seok and Lana for teaching us how to climb!!! After almost 2 hours of grueling climbing, we conveniently collapsed into the SSP logo!! (We totally did not spend 10 minutes trying to orient ourselves).

2:00 pm – Lunch

With a huge appetite from rock climbing, Seok, Christina, and I were ready to feast for lunch. At the C4C, we found a wild Youjia to join our Michelin Star meal. However, that was when tragedy  stuck. Richard, our beloved TA, announced that he was going to take us out to Sprouts. Normally, this would be great news. We all needed to buy some more snacks and candy for the late night cravings, along with some other personal necessities. However, the trip to Sprouts also meant a trip for Boba and Pho. Not wanting to waste any food, we finished our lunches as fast as possible to meet the rest of SSP on their way to Sprouts (eating two lunches sounded like a great idea at the time). 

Me, Christina, Seok, and Youjia finishing our lunches despite planning for Pho and boba.
All of us kindly encouraging Youjia to eat faster so we can head over to Sprouts.

3:00 pm.  Sprouts!

After a ten minute walk under the scorching Colorado Sun and learning that Youjia’s 6 pack was so sore that she couldn’t laugh anymore, we finally arrived at Sprouts. While most people buy milk, vegetables, and snacks at grocery stores, I purchased a couple of SSPeople (Youjia and Carlin). Are they refundable? After filling up on snacks and supplies, we headed over to the Pho restaurant. With my stomach already full from lunch, I decided to split a bowl of pho with Seok and Richard. Let’s just say it was straight fire, but I’m pretty sure I was about to give birth to a food baby right afterwards. While most of us ate our pho normally, Christina, Uluc, and Seok got their daily vitamin C boost by eating just the limes. The brown sugar milk tea was also really good. While walking back from Sprouts, I embraced my inner asian parent and opened an umbrella to provide the gang with some shade. We also saw a dude dual wield e scooters on the way back.

Bought myself two SSPeople (Youjia on the left and Carlin on the Right).

Pho + boba with the Squad (Me, Seok, Uluc, Youjia, Alyssa, Gustavo, Christina, Natalia, and Richard)

5:30pm – Dinner

Sunday’s are always incredibly fun and exciting. But they also mark the end of a dinner group. This week’s dinner table has been especially memorable for me. Led by our TA Diego and the amazing Seok, Emily, Natalia, and Ben, we all decided to end our time together with a blast. To begin, we started off with our usual shenanigans. Somehow, a conversation about our days turned into a group gaslighting session as we all tried to convince each other that screaming at the top of your lungs (while eating of course) is an attribute only the best leaders have. When no one budged, we transitioned into the second stage: honoring Diego’s first law that all pink drinks are fire. After filling up 6 cups with pink pomegranate life water and pass-o-guava juice, we chugged in unison. But that wasn’t the end. As our final farewell, we decided to do something a little nefarious. Grabbing 6 bananas, we raided every other dinner table and raised support for Diego’s first law. We also did it to collect every table’s dinner card since it was our chore for the week, but we still ended up losing them the day after, oops!

The GOATED dinner table (Ben, Seok, Deigo, Natalia, Emily, and me) with our Pink Drinks

7-9 – LA LA LAND

Sunday Nights at SSP are synonymous with Movie Night. This week we watched La La Land. I wasn’t really sure what to expect going in, but I ended up loving the movie and its music. Also Ryan Gosling (literally me) is in it lol. Anyway, 8/10.

10pm – Stuff

Things really mellowed out after the movie. I did some chores, shared some tea with the squad, a bit of OD coding, and prepped for observations (unfortunately late shift observations starts at 12:00am of july 10th >:( so I can’t really write about it). 

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Hey there! I’m Cameron, a rising senior at Libertyville High School. In my free time I enjoy biking, playing the Euphonium, and learning about anything science related (physics and cs >>>). I hope to one day study both astrophysics and CS in the future. I can’t believe we are already half way done with SSP, and I can’t put into words how grateful I am for everyone here. See you next time!