Quiplash MOE Slander

By Coco L.

As we transition into the month of July, I’ve stayed confused for…I don’t even know how long. Today was definitely a refreshing class activity block, as we had our queen Dr. Jill give a fascinating and insightful presentation on clinical trials. Needless to say, her sarcasm and comedic talent filled the entire zoom with smiles. (at least an elevated level of perplexion didn’t set in today) 

During today’s class activity, we used our 12 am MOE slander as our virtual backgrounds, which Dr. Martha inquired us about. All I have to say is that Quiplash at 12 am hits different…

The moment when someone purchases MOE files from the Pope
Charis’s iconic curtains. If you know you know…
Seeing Abl kinase would probably scar the poor child for the rest of their life 

As we began TA block today, Devin introduced a new torture game where everyone had to pick 10-12 different songs to sing in the span of a minute, and the others would have to guess it. This activity turned out super great in our room, and I had an amazing time listening to everyone’s incredible singing skills (which I severely lack). Towards the end, almost everyone ran out of songs because we all thrive on the same wavelength and chose the same songs. We then chose our representation (Mackenzie!!) to go against the representative from the other team (Sai) and ended up winning! >:D  

I apologize for the short length of this blog, but my brain cells have decided to commit apoptosis and my second dose of vaccine decided that it did not like me. So far, SSP has truly been a phenomenal experience, and I can’t wait for the rest of it!