Recipe for PSET Hysteria: a Day One Blog Post

Prep Time: 3±1 months

Cook Time: 2±1 hours

Total Time: 3±1 months

Note: no SSPers were physically harmed in the production of this recipe. 

Everyone needs a reliable hysteria recipe in their inventory, and today’s recipe can be just that! 

This recipe is simple, quick, and easy to make! With just three necessary ingredients, even beginners (like SSPers in their first real day of SSP) can perfect this recipe. 

I’ve included a few tips below to help ensure your success, so don’t hesitate to start today! Try this deliciously new spin on a classic and traditional hysteria recipe. 


A PSET like this one: 


  1. A PSET like this one: PS1-1. Rough Numbers. For each of the following, show how you estimated the answer. Please use metric units throughout and use the precision appropriate to the problem. Indicate your uncertainty by reporting answers with the appropriate number of sig.figs. (Note! None of these questions can be answered with much precision.)
    1. How many atoms are in an apple?
    2. If the earth were hollow, how many apples could fit inside the earth?
    3. How many atoms are in the earth?
    4. How many grains of sand are on the earth’s beaches?
  2. 18.5±17.5 SSPers
  3. A few pieces of paper for each SSPer

Optional toppings:

  1. A whiteboard: a delightful garnish to aid in the making of this recipe, you may see SSPers gathered around this topping
  2. Many hours of interesting (but long) lecture before and afterhand: this savory topping perfectly preps the ingredients of this recipe
  3. Cheese Goldfish Multigrain Crackers


  1. Select 18.5±17.5 SSPers (36 is preferable, but even 1 will do for this simple recipe). Ensure that each one brings a pencil, and be sure to provide each with a few pieces of paper. 
  2. Gather all the SSPers at one single location. CU Boulder is an excellent location for this recipe, but it’s likely that many others will also work. 
  3. Assign the PSET: although this step may be the most simple, DO NOT SKIP IT! It’s by far one of the most important steps in the recipe. This PSET, depending on its difficulty and duration, can make or break your dish. 
  4. After the SSPers begin to work on the PSET, you may only have to wait 2±1 hours for the PSET hysteria to show itself. Voila!
  5. Garnish and platter.

Disclaimer: This blog post is not to be held responsible for any unfavorable incidents that may occur while following this PSET hysteria recipe. Despite all intents and purposes this recipe should only be attempted in the presence of astrophysics professionals and the wonderful staff and TAs at SSP CUB. 

Hi, I’m Ming! I’m from Denver, Colorado (but I was born in Shanghai) and I’m so excited to be here at SSP! When not PSETing, I like to play violin and percussion. Some of my favorite artists/composers are Coleridge-Taylor, Sir Chloe, Hilary Hahn, MCR, and Tchaikovsky. In my spare time I enjoy sleeping and making soup.