Red, White, and our Chemostat Blue – Andrew

Happy July 4th! We planned to attend a July 4th festival in central Lafayette but the event got canceled due to a potential thunderstorm. I guess the rain was feeling unpatriotic. Our usual dining hall was canceled the whole day due to the holiday so we ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner at our own study hall (thanks Ms. Latus for the amazing food!) For dinner we chose from Korean, Thai, and Italian food which were all great — I expected American food but I was not disappointed. Also didn’t see a lot of red, white, or blue.

Tomorrow we will be sending our antibiotic resistance cultures to Indiana University for sequencing. We will use the data to perform data cleaning, de novo genome assembly and annotation, as well as genomic mapping. I know that’s a lot of jargon. We are probably just as confused as you are (don’t worry though, we are having lectures on these topics). Yesterday we streaked Vibrio natriegens (species of bacteria) on plates to extract isolated colonies (Would be cool if my plate had 13 colonies cause July 4th haha). 

The day overall was pretty chill as many of us had to catch up on abstract rewrites, blog writing (me), literature reviews, and lab notebooking. Shout out to the TAs that helped with labs and Logan who still showed up even with an ankle injury. 

Many of us are sad we could not go to the July 4th festival but we did end up watching Clueless in the Great Hall or what we call Harry Potter’s house. Anyways, happy fourth of July and national independence day!

Update: we watched fireworks with biochem at the top of a parking garage!

6/29/2022 SSP BLOG

Hi, I’m Andrew and I am from Overland Park, Kansas. Besides science, I love watching thriller movies and listening to nostalgic music.