ROBLOX at SSP: The Tale of Adventure, Heartbreak, and Success


I am Saku Cui. You may not know much about me, but you should know one thing: I LOVE
Attending the Alabama School of Mathematics and Science, my eyes have been opened to
the exciting world of ROBLOX and I often play ROBLOX with my friends to procrastinate
or when we are depleted from serotonin. Ever since I was accepted into SSP, I have dreamed
of playing ROBLOX with my new friends and peers at this program.

Chapter 1: Week 1, Deprived of ROBLOX
Waking up from a good eight hours of sleep, I was ecstatic to go to the lab and became
happier when receiving my OWN designated laptop for the rest of the five weeks at SSP.
I attempted to download ROBLOX on my borrowed laptop and it worked really well!
However, we were trapped in the basement to do labs and lectures… Wi-Fi is awful down
there, so I couldn’t play any games (also I didn’t have time to…so much calibrating and
learning)‼️ It made me so sad and I was running out of serotonin to keep me alive.
I was scared to mention my ROBLOX addiction among the best and brightest people I have
ever met and was terrified to be judged for playing a “children’s” game. However, I COULD
NOT keep it in and accidentally mentioned it. Soon, ROBLOX was all I could talk about…!
Me and a couple of my peers tried to make plans to play ROBLOX but we couldn’t as we had
assignments to complete or busy plans for the rest of the day. One day I will finally play
ROBLOX with them.

Day [insert number but still within the first week]. Dinner conversations are WILD. Everyone
knows ROBLOX!!! But some people are ROBLOX-phobic and it makes me puke and cry
😭. It’s okay. I will make sure that one day we will ALL play ROBLOX! There are many
ROBLOXIANS within our Genomics program and I can correlate their hobbies to ROBLOX
games: Blake runs track or xc so he HAS to be good at Speed Run 4!! More and more people
are opening up to the idea of ROBLOX and others are admitting their ROBLOX side too
(whoop whoop‼️‼️).

ROBLOX is amazing and one day everyone at SSP will play it. If you read this, please play

Check back in for chapter 2 and see the progress of Saku and SSP x ROBLOX collaboration.