Saeurkruat Day – Sofia L.

Today we gave presentations on the results of our supposed antibiotic resistant bacterial growth on agar plates with antibiotic strips. We explained the resistance levels of our bacteria versus the wild type bacteria. Next we ran genome annotation programs in Galaxy on the Toprak data. After lunch we learned about microbial processes in food, and made sauerkraut. After dinner, and before Dr. Gribskov’s lecture, we sang along to songs while many of us worked on our PLAs!

I am Sofia LLovera from Darien, Connecticut. I love to knit and do other crafts, irish dance, and just have fun! I also love to spend time with my dog, Freddy (also known as Freddo Buddy Buddy Freddo, Freddy Buddo Buddo Freddy, Freddo, Buddo, Fred, Federico De Buddo Super Genius, etc), Freddy is super smart, stubborn, and cute!