Scrumptious Sprouts Sunday (& Portrait Sessions)

Sunday at SSP means unstructured time! Jay and I slept till 10am despite promising to bike with our friends (sorry Andreas…). We had a nice, relaxed breakfast then P-Setted for a while in the computer lab, laboring through photometry and Python problems.

Around 1pm, we headed to a Sprouts nearby to buy some necessities – half the guys had forgotten laundry detergent and the other half brought dozens. Joshua got oat milk for his coffee setup (yes, he really did bring one to the dorms) and vinegar for cleaning his giant humidifier. I grabbed a KIND chocolate bar set, since the repeated 2:00am bedtimes had us all feeling ravenous. The other night, Stephanie cooked some Michelin-grade chicken nuggets in the microwave after P-Setting in the common room. We don’t talk about the watermelon.

“michelin” – Stephanie

After Sprouts, we headed to a nearby Vietnamese place for some overpriced boba and pho, even by LA standards. We did alchemy with hoisin sauce and sriracha (one can never have too much sriracha) and made it just in time to head back home with backpacks full of coconuts and watermelons.

$20 pho and $7 boba

Dominick handled the chopsticks with expert precision, while Ben struggled through. Such dishonor on him, dishonor on his cow. I was scared I’d forgotten how to use chopsticks (I’m from a Japanese family) in a matter of days, but it all came back to me as soon as the pho came to our table.

We ended the night with 12am late night observations. The midnight observation delusions set in pretty early—we talked about everything from our favorite dinosaurs to Diego’s crazy ostrich impressions (who bumped into the Apollo telescope in the process and made the west team refocus their telescope.).

Also, I took some portraits on the Saturday hike; here are some of the best ones. In order: Dominick, Jay, me, Joshua.

Hello! My name is Taizo, and I’m from Los Angeles, California. I’m a professional astrobio nerd (trying to find little green people in space) and writing freeform poetry/flash fiction. In my free time, I enjoy injuring myself in volleyball and adamantly defending Interstellar against tasteless critics.