See you again – Nandini M.

I still remember the first day of SSP vividly. Walking to ABE half asleep at 7 am, messing with the chemostats for the first time, and also hurriedly writing the first blog post about 30 minutes before the deadline (sorry Sunita!). Back then I had no idea what to write, and funnily enough, 6 weeks later, I’m in the same position. Despite now having hundreds of pictures, quotes, and memories at my disposal – there is honestly no way I can encapsulate how amazing these 39 days have truly been within one blog post.

I don’t know how I would even begin to express the collective delusion that came with late night labs, the joy that came from karaoke-ing to the top of our lungs in the lecture hall, or the endless laughter that came with obsessing over webtoons and cows (nope, I will not be elaborating).

Of course there have been ups and downs throughout this program, but just like the antibiotic resistant bacteria we’ve been studying these past two months, I like to think that we adapted and rose past the obstacles that were thrown at us. In the end, we evolved past just being a group of 24 learners, but 24 friends that I know will be there for each other no matter what comes.

It’s amazing how in the short span of 6 weeks, I already feel like I’ve known these people for years. Saying goodbye was honestly one of the hardest things I’ve had to do, but I also know that this isn’t the end, and that we’re all going to go on to accomplish amazing things that I can’t wait to witness. In the wise words of our favorite karaoke song these past couple days – we’ll tell each other all about it when we see each other again 🙂

About me – Hi, I’m Nandini and I’m from Chandler, Arizona. When I’m not sobbing over SSP being over, you can find me doing speech and debate, reading, or playing Stardew Valley!