Before I go on, please forgive me for any unwarranted among us ඞ references.  Hey, I’m trying my best!

AAANYHOW…I counted the minutes till 12 AM to get a photo of Laurissa’s magnificent card tower that Uluc tried to demolish.

Christina looking sus (gosh darn it!)

I think the hours of Psetting were getting to us because things got wackier that night. 

No shower July?! 

Mimicking my concerned octopus eating takoyaki (diced octopus) shirt

We soon headed back to Kitt West and I challenged Laurissa to arm wrestling since we both rock climb.  I held up for a few seconds but it ended with her practically dragging me on the floor. 😵

I got major rug burn on my elbow

By then, it was around 1:10 AM but things were still in full swing.  Stephanie and Kara cut another juicy watermelon for us all.  We saw Richard in pajamas. Rebecca, Ming, and I made instant ramen from Alyssa in the coffee maker.  

Michelin star

It got late and Laurissa threatened to haunt the hallways and glare at us if we weren’t in our rooms by the 1:30 curfew.  Frightening!

The next morning, I woke up at 6:30 (do not recommend)  to go for an energizing, refreshing walk (not).  At breakfast, I served myself the usual: an ungodly amount of plain Greek yogurt and blueberries.


Dr. D wasn’t feeling too well, so Dr. F gave us a fascinating morning lecture on asteroids, comets, and meteors.  She mentioned a meteorite that hit a parked car!

better watch out!

Lunch was pretty standard today.  I was trying to increase my grip strength by eating copious amounts of peas, like Laurissa does. 

better watch out!

I’m proud of myself for resisting the lunch yogurt station (hammered the Latin food instead). 

reach for the sky!

Dr. D was feeling better, so he gave us an afternoon lecture on quantum mechanics.  He explained that a quantum computer would need many more qubits than we’re able to manufacture currently to be useful.  The end of lecture took a spooky turn when Dr. D said that our finite lifetimes are essential for progress in science. 

Schrödinger’s Cat!

Dinner was a welcome break from catching up from days of Pset procrastination. Back at Kitt after dinner, Dominick flawlessly demonstrated this worm-push-up jump move we all tried.  

I have no idea what’s going on here 

Gustavo (Gusty Boi), Emily, and I went to the James Webb planetarium show that night.

We later heard that Stephanie and Carlin got into a scary bicycle accident where Stephanie broke her arm 😩. Wishing her a fast recovery!!

Normal pset shenanigans 

We Psetted for the rest of the night, and I slept early.  Even though I was dead tired and sleep deprived, I tried to get as much out of this day as possible.  I guess that’s the spirit of SSP: working VERY hard but also doing sus (whoops!) things with friends.  Future SSPers, seize EVERY day.  You never know what you’ll end up doing.

Hey y’all!  I’m Lana, a rising junior from Los Angeles, CA.  I love rock climbing, biking, coding, outdoorsy activities, and sus memes.  I don’t fully know what I want to go into, but probably something CS related.  My love for SSP is comparable to my love for Among Us, which says a lot. Here, I discovered how much I enjoy learning at light speed and the Colorado wilderness.