Songs, Stars, Squares, Street, and Sushi

With a melodious (not really) birthday song to our dear friend Gustavo at midnight, my day kicked off on a lively note. The singers were from team 9 and 10, who were on the late observing shift. And yes, observations with Juicy (Joshua) and Mangoes (Marcus) went really well, and I even took a photo of the moon through the binoculars on the deck.

Mangoes, Emily, Sophia, Gusty Boy, Diego, and Juicy getting ready for observations
Moon shot by my iPhone camera through the very inflexible binoculars on the deck

In the morning, I sat through 3x60x60=10800 seconds of crazy matrices, Cramer’s Rule, linear regression, least squares, partial derivatives, and even more matrices. During the break, we sang happy birthday to Gustavo and ate some cookies. Look at everyone’s bright smiles after we temporarily escaped Least Squares to celebrate together. 

17 year old Gustavo surrounded by his fans

No more lectures in the afternoon because we went to Pearl Street! A group of shockingly lazy people took the bus there but I walked and hopped my way to Pearl Street. After failing to find any good boba places, Natalia, Rebecca, and I joined ten other people at Hapa Sushi, and our giant group gaslit the waitress into combining three tables for us. Gustavo and I ordered two fat sashimi combos together and donated all the carrot strips to August.

Pearl Street view
The TAs looking sus when we found them at Hapa Sushi. Richard and Laura moved their seats immediately after they saw us. How unfriendly  😡
Lunch at Hapa Sushi
Lunch at Hapa Sushi

After the feast was finished, we asked for a chocolate cake for Gustavo but the waitress never told us that it costs $9. The bday boy was so hyped that he even attempted to eat his candle. 

man eating his birthday candle

Although the sashimi was so fat and thick, I still managed to devour a bing chilling. I mean a Häagen-Dazs cone. I figured that I needed a teal claw clip that matches my phone case and my water bottle, as well as a small bag for going on more field trips, and so I bought them… Pro tip: don’t buy anything at Pearl Street except at the thrift store. They are kinda pricey. 

Natalia and I eating bing chillings after lunch. Special thanks to her for editing my blog!

Hey y’all, my name is Christina and I am a rising senior from Dallas, Texas. I enjoy biking, fencing, doing community service, and playing with my cat. My goal is to figure out how to sleep for 8 hours in 4 hours. Anyways, every day spent at SSP so far has been truly incredible, and I always appreciate the opportunity to learn and grow alongside such amazing people.