Hi my name is Ian and I’m from Cary, North Carolina. 

Following yesterday’s wonderful outing to the Indianapolis Zoo, we were so fortunate enough to be able to attend a game of America’s National Pastime, a wonderful 3 hours at a baseball game. Cheering for Indiana’s home Minor League Baseball team, the Indianapolis Indians, we watched the Memphis Redbirds beat them 4-1!! The pitcher for the Indians was really talented, walking home two players in what I want to call the second inning. And in the next few hours they scored two more somehow. 

We also watched a guy propose which sure was something. Definitely the most interesting part of the game.

There was a Kona ice truck but it was on the opposite side of the stadium. Still the walk was lowkey more entertaining. Don’t exactly know what happened later but I do know that Gayatri and Alice got a great deal at the food stands—they spent $13 on a scoop of ice cream in a plastic cap! 

Just as we were about to leave, they decided to welcome the groups at the stadium, which included us! 

Moving onto today…

Honestly not much is going on this morning. We’ve been given all the way up til lunch to work on our four PSets dealing with Galaxy, Introductions, more Galaxy, and Materials and Methods.

We also had the wonderful opportunity to listen to Dr. David Heckerman talk to us about his career and how AI helped in the spam war, HIV war, and deep-fake war. We also learned that Microsoft destroyed the life of a cute little paper clip, clippy!

Anyways, then we ate and worked on more PSets. We had a group Alvin Yao YouTube listening party. He has some really good a capella covers. 

Anyways EVERYBODY GO LISTEN TO SPEAK NOW TAYLOR’S VERSION! Hopefully it’ll be good. Can’t wait for tomorrow!