Evelyn’s June 21st Blog

Today was a little different, in the sense that platypuses/podes are different from other monotremes. My morning today was like any other: waking up, struggling to get out of bed, eating a rushed breakfast, and trying to understand the classroom material. One might think of this routine as a slog to get through, and at the very start of each day, I might agree.

Fortunately, I had the afternoon to look forward to, wherein there was a beach trip planned originally, but due to the amount of rain over the past few days, a bowling alley was found to be a fitting substitute. I thoroughly enjoyed the various attractions in that location, although I didn’t have time to claim any prizes from the arcade section. Admittedly, I was mediocre when trying my hand at bowling.

Owing to the weather conditions of that day, when stopping at Target, I bought a much-needed umbrella, still remembering the cold chill of water seeping through my “waterproof” jacket. In hindsight, I should’ve bought snacks, but there’s another chance in the weekend. Lastly, I ate at a Mexican restaurant with the others, and completed my homework for that night after getting back.