SSP day 10

It’s day 10 and we officially have, as Mr. Chen would say, Public Enemy Number One: the field trip bus. The true SSP experience came through as we spent 2 hours in a broken bus on the highway at 99 degrees with no air conditioning, taking in the beautiful cornfields around us. Mott’s fruit snacks have never tasted better 🙂 Game pigeon and lukewarm bottled water came through to save the day and bring the 36 of us, the TAs, and the very nice bus driver into a close bonding experience. Although our trip to the museum was soon cancelled, special thanks to Mr. Chen for buying us all boba and pizza! SSP really is an amazing environment where even the most hot and humid changes in plans can leave us all laughing and learning together. 

While we enjoyed our time on the road, our proteins went through a similar life changing process, making their way through polyacrylamide gel and getting stained with Coomassie blue. Happy protein purification! Our most important lab activities are about to come to fruition as we look forward to analyzing our purified protein samples. 

And finally, today was our last day with Dr. Rachel who we will truly miss. Thank you so much for helping us as we stumbled through the lab this first week, reminding us to wear our safety glasses and celebrating every small success with us. We’ve all learned so much from you and wish you the best of luck in Minnesota! Your time here has deeply impacted our experience at SSP and inspired us to go further.

Hi, I’m Sneha, a rising senior from Indiana. In my free time, I like to read historical fiction and play the violin!