Going by so fast!

SSP has been awesome so far!

At SSP, there is such a distinct understanding between participants. Thoughts and discussions flow like water. We bounce ideas off each other as if we had been friends for years. It is intensely fascinating, knowing I’m in a room with people who not only understand my dreams, but share them.

Although we are only halfway through the program, SSP already means so much to me, and I dread it’s end. No longer, will I discuss General Relativity and spacetime at the lab bench. No longer, will I actually do science, working towards real-world change. No longer, will I have such a dedicated group of 23 friends who actually understand me.

Can’t believe we’re already halfway through.


Hi, I’m Amarri, a rising junior from Augusta, GA. I’m really interested in all aspects of science, but especially biology and chemistry.