SSP is Like a Dream

So here we are, the second last weekend of the program.

My day started with… well it started with sleeping until 9:30 a.m., which is not what you get on a typical SSP day. What made today different from others is we had our first TA lecture. Where they can decide what they want to talk about. Our amazing TA, Colin,  gave a lecture on Nusantara, which is an imaginary world that he created based on the game Dungeons and Dragons and Indonesian mythology.  I was amazed by his creativity. He was able to create a massive world with different elements and he made up so many fascinating stories behind it. I was also amazed by how there is another side of him that’s so interesting outside of academia. You guys should check it out! We also had a college roundtable by the TAs. They shared their experience of applying to college and college life. 

After an HOUR-LONG nap, I went to CHAS to work on my method part of the final report, and my blog of course, with group 6 and my group. I really liked that we got to work together a lot, because it’s just so amazing to work with people in SSP! Although it’s the part for individual work, we discussed problems and solutions, and I do feel like I’m learning and growing. And because this is the part to tell what we’ve done for the project, it brought back so many memories. It’s hard to believe that we are one step away from finishing our wet lab and also very close to the end of the program.

After dinner, we had an ICE CREAM SOCIAL and movie night, which is one of my many favorite parts of SSP. It’s always so fun to just start a random conversation and share our stories. It’s amazing that we always have so much to talk about! We watched Inception today, to describe my feeling in one word, WOW! A quote from Brian:” this movie is life changing”. My mind is so blown up, I’m officially a fan of Chirstopher Nolan now! An intense discussion was followed by the contradictory ending of the movie. I definitely did not go back to my dorm at 10:59 🙂 

Alexis with her very secure blanket while watching the movie, ah I wish I had that too lol

Hi! I’m Kevin, a rising senior at Venice High School in Los Angeles, California. I love hanging out with friends, playing soccer, and watching TV shows. I’m always fascinated by science, it’s just amazing to use science to explain everything in our life and use it to solve problems. The experience in SSP is a dream come true for me because I get to do hands-on research as early as in high school, and meet all other amazing participants!